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Ginkgo Office Terrarium



The minimalistic capsule garden with tiny garden composition.

Plant compositions: Ginkgo biloba, moss, gravel, soil.

H: 40cm, Fi: 15cm



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Plant compositions: Ginkgo biloba, moss, gravel, soil.

This terrarium is our widest capsule, in straight glass-tube, with the smaller diameter – would fit perfectly to the office desk (or home office) or to the small apartment.

Inside of the terrarium is a minimalistic composition based on just single plants – a single seedling of Ginkgo biloba, Maidenhern Tree.

Ginkgo biloba belongs to Ginkgoaceae Family with its origin in China and Japan. The leaves are in the shape of a fan and are valued because of their yellow color.

It is a deciduous tree what means that around November, after changing the foliage color to yellow, it loses its leaves, and stays like that till springtime. After overwintering (as a classic bonsai, in colder temperatures, so not inside the office, but rather a balcony), it puts new leaves and branches. In case of any question about winter care of her, just write to us, we will be happy to guide you.

Despite the fact that it won’t be a winter decoration of your place, observing how he unfold at springtime is rewarding. Trust me. Or ask any bonsai owner. The gardener should know it too.

Hand made in Berlin, inside of recycled eco-glass which has a slightly greenish tint and tiny air bubbles within its structure. The capsule is closed with a cork lid.

Each capsule has its own name.

Important notes on pruning and pinching

  • Pruning:
    At the beginning of spring.
  • Pinching:
    When the branch has developed 6 to 8 leaves trim new shoots to two or three leaves leaving topmost leaves on the outside.
  • Wiring:
    Not usual but if you do wire it, preferably at the beginning of spring.



H:41 cm , Diameter: 15 cm

Each capsule is unique and may differ from the photos shown.


Short care tips of terrarium/flaschengarten:

Water 1 to 2 times a year on average depending on the moisture level of the moss.

Prune once a year.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

To get more detailed instruction, check here (click!)






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15 cm


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