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How to take care of small terrariums?

How to take care

of small terrariums?

Many people would like to start their adventure with terrariums with a tiny vessel, as they seem to be easier and more risk-free. And although small terrariums have similar requirements like a bigger one – far from direct sunlight, far from the source of heat, moderate, room temperature, careful watering (more you can find here) – they are going to require much more attention than any established ecosystem in a bigger jar. Let’s try to answer the question which was asked very often: why do small terrariums need more care and attention?

Tiny Bonsai Ficus in Glass Terrarium
Little bonsai Ficus in a glass terrarium


First of all, because they are smaller. It could be compared to natural ecosystems like e.g. forests – depending on their size their microclimate change and resistance for different stress factors too. Bigger ecosystems have more space for troubles and they are also stronger. They are able to balance all ingredients (air, water, bacteria), so they are less vulnerable. In a terrarium, funghi infections are the most common problem. In smaller space, they spread all over faster, leaving us less time for reaction. Same about any insect infections, although those are rare in the terrariums. It would be easier to spot them early in a less dense environment. (Talking about those: remember to clean your hands before taking care of your terrarium).


Black Serie Terrarium Berlin Capsule Gardens
Black Serie Capsule

Secondly, even though plants chosen for capsule gardens are selected only from small or even “dwarf” species of plants, plants grow. They need some cuts from time to time, but in any small terrarium one needs to do that more often – even every two months, so probably more often than you will water it.  Therefore we don’t offer bottle gardens and any other terrariums that you can’t put your hand inside – it would make your capsule attractive for a short time, and we want them last and make you happy for longer.

Friends Series – Bonsai

In the case of Friends series, little bonsai ones, there are also different aspects:
Bonsais in terrarium have the same needs as the one outside. Of course, there are many points which make it easier to keep it inside the glass – it takes out the nightmare of proper watering first of all.

Tiny bonsais inside of the Glas Terrariums from Capsule Gardens
Tiny bonsais inside of the smallest glass

The bonsais have the same space for roots as in the tallest jars – therefore they would have similar growth. However, they don’t have the same space – so, as mentioned above, they require to be cut more often. Preferably, they should also get some additional leaf-training or a winter rest. In theory, a root cutting would be good too, but it’s rather for already advanced parents. Or those who have the ambition to become one:)

Small summary

If you are a hobbyist gardener, you are totally into plant parenting and you are going to dedicate some time to touch up, propagate, replants your terrarium – the small glass could be for you. In case if you opt for a terrarium because your green thumbs haven’t developed yet, or you are full in motion and barely have time to check on them, then choose between medium-size and large capsules.