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Easy care in 5 steps

The idea behind the capsules terrarium is to keep them as much as possible self-independent ecosystems. It would be possible if they were sealed hermetically, but with time they would be much less aesthetic and decorative. Therefore, our capsules are made to be easily opened and they do require minimal care.

Following a few simple, but important requirements, will keep your terrarium healthy & looking gorgeous for you to enjoy as long as possible.

Plants inside of the terrarium come from the lower layers of the forest, so they are used to partially shaded locations. Nevertheless, they will appreciate a bright location as long as they are not exposed to the direct sunlight. The ideal place for the terrarium gives access to natural light, but it should be at least 1m from the window. The terrarium should be turned from time to time (about 2x per month) so that all sides get enough light and the plants grow evenly.

Temperature and environment
The ideal temperature for the terrarium is between 15 and 23 ° C – so the normal room temperature.

The terrarium is a closed water cycle. It only has to be watered a few times a year. The first indicator of moisture is the drainage layer: as long as it is moist the terrarium does not need watering. If you are not sure then the other indicators are the moss and the soil. Put your hand in the terrarium and feel if the moss and the soil are still wet. You can lift the moss, feel the soil underneath and put the moss back to the ground – as long as the soil is humid the terrarium does not need water.

If the soil feels dry you should water it with low-calcium and chlorine-free water, ideally rainwater or de-mineralised water. Alternatively one can use filtered water which is boiled twice and left overnight.

Depending on the size of the terrarium you will need between 50 and 150 ml of water.

It is important to pay attention to your terrarium after watering it. In case condensation appears, see the next point.

Condensation: Avoid the excess
If your terrarium is overly fogged, the glass lid should be left open for a while. Set the lid aside for about 24 hours to allow the excess moisture to evaporate and restore the moisture balance. Repeat until your terrarium glass is clear again.

Cleaning up (from time to time)
From time to time the terrarium needs a bit of tidying up. Clean the glass within your terrarium, either by spraying as you water your terrarium or by wiping with a damp cloth where possible. Remove old or withered leaves, collect any fallen leave (needed mostly with capsules with bonsai trees). Do some micro-gardening – check if any plants don’t dominate the space of terrarium, reconsider to cut some branches. Do not hesitate to cut back the plants as soon as the leaves touch the walls of the glass.  Cut the leaves off and leave the lid of the jar open for 24 hours to allow the cuts to close well.

If you are about to buy a bonsai terrarium and considering having a small, tiny capsule then you may want to read more about taking care of small terrariums.

Last, but not at least:

Although you can enjoy the hot summer weather, your terrarium might get unwell. Read how to protect your flaschengarten during a hit of summer heats.