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Ngali Ngariba Exhibition at Gropius Bau
 Capsules as a part of Libby Harward installation “Ngali Ngariba” at Gropius Bau exhibition ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’

Ideal for green thumbs and plant-novices alike, glass terrariums are perfect for those looking for a self-sufficient ecosystem which features easy to maintain bonsai trees, ferns, moss and succulents.

The capsule gardens are created for everyone who loves plants. Although they would make any green thumb happy, they actually are a response to the needs of those having trouble taking care of their plants. They require a minimum of maintenance, they do not need to be watered regularly and they can even survive in spaces that do not get much sunlight. They are also ideal for any cat or pet lover whose plants were eaten or are in danger of poisoning their pets.

The idea behind a closed terrarium is that it allows to create a self-efficient ecosystem – the water is circulated inside the jar, as are the gases the plant needs and uses. If the terrarium would be hermetically sealed, we could say that we created a microforest is completely self-sustaining.

However, to maintain a terrarium as elegant home decor, it is needed to keep it tidy – sometimes it must be opened to remove old, fallen leaves or slightly change something. Because of this, the circulation is not fully closed; they will need watering from time to time (between once a month up to once every 4 months – for more details, see care).

If you are interested in the idea of the completely closed terrarium, check this out: sealed bottle garden (click!). It’s a really inspiring story!

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