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Capsule Gardens is a project which focuses on green thumb needs of people living in big cities, with lifestyle full of hustle and bustle.

Nowadays, people don’t have neither space or a time to care for plants. We travel, we go out, we work a lot. And some plants are more demanding than others – need watering every day, high level of humidity in the air, are sensitive for central heating or draught. So, many people decide for no plants at the apartment, or just plastic imitation which requiere no mantaining or watering.

The primary idea comes from Japanese gardens & terrarium tradition, but it’s combined with minimalism and  a fresh approach to natural design. Closing /capturing plants in a jars or  bells (domes) let create a self-sustainable ecosystems with unique biosphere. That means that the water circles inside, creating the proper level of air & soil humidity for a grow of most of the plants, even demanding ones. Glass is also a protection from wind and connected to it changes of temperature. All that allow to maintain most of home plants species at home, without taking care of them daily neither weekly. Just once a month or two would be enough.

Created micro-forests live inside quality glass vessels and feature a bespoke array of plants, mosses, shells & other natural wonders.  For some more ecological conscious choices some vessels are made from ecological glass. The glass is slightly greenish shade and have some imperfections, which underline its character.

The Capsule Gardens are bringing the most vivid green part of nature into everyday life,  liven up our living space and let to enjoy a piece of forest in our own apartments.