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Anthurium ‘Zizou’ 36cm



The 36cm capsule garden with light pink Anthurium. /limited availability/

The capsule belongs to the Garden collection.

Anthurium andreanum ‘Zizou’, Hedera helix var., moss, gravel, soil

H: 36cm, Fi: 19cm


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Plant compositions: (salmon pink) Anthurium andreanum ‘Zizou’, Hedera helix var., moss, gravel, soil.

The capsule belongs to the collection Gardens, in which inside we will find a miniature garden, made of dwarf species of plants with very decorative and tiny foliage.  The centrepiece of that composition, light pink Anthurium, hails from the rainforests of South America. It is known as a flamingo flower or, because of the shapes of brightly coloured flower spathes, a painter’s palette. Long-lasting flowers are particularly interesting in that variety, eye-catcher inside of the glass: ‘Zizou’ variety more than a painter’s palette brings to mind the flying wings of a bird. And with pink colour, it would be definitely a flying flamingo flower.

Anthurium, after flowering, might flower again, but because of the specific microsystem of the terrarium, it cannot be guaranteed. Then terrarium would be adorned by decorative glossy green leaves.

To complement the composition, apart from moss, is a used a tiny variety of Hedera helix, with less obvious leaves shape in mixed shades of green.

This terrarium is hand-made in Berlin, inside of recycled eco-glass which has a slightly greenish tint and tiny air bubbles within its structure. The capsule is closed with a cork lid.

Each capsule has its own name and this one is Gillian.


H: 36 cm , Diameter: 19 cm

Each capsule is unique and may differ from the photos shown.


Short care tips of terrarium/flaschengarten:

Water 1 to 2 times a year on average depending on the moisture level of the moss.

Clean dry leaves from time to time.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 19 × 36 cm

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