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Ficus benjamina Flaschengarten 30cm



The medium capsule garden with bonsai as a centrepiece.

Ficus Benjamins ‘Natasja’, Ficus Benjamins ‘White Baby’, moss, gravel, soil.

H: 30cm, Fi: 19cm



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Plant compositions:  Ficus benjamina ‘Natasja’, Ficus benjamina var. ‘White Baby’, moss, gravel, soil.

2 different Ficus benjamina saplings growing inside of the medium terrarium/flaschengarten.

In this terrarium lives 2 different Ficus benjamina, a plant commonly known as weeping fig, benjamin fig, or ficus tree. One variegation (‘white baby’) has duo color leaves, green with white contour. To underline it, in between there is sapling of var. ‘Natasja’ in plain green.  Both species belong to the family Moraceae, native to Asia and Australia. This tropical fig cultivar with unusually tiny leaves has a great proportion to create a small landscape inside of the glass.

Her name is Janni and she likes to get a haircut done from time to time, but don’t worry! As another Ficus, she has a lot of patience for your first cuts. She is super easygoing and thriving with most conditions, with a few exceptions:

  • direct sunlight and the window sill (so, do not put her there:)
  • switching places: she doesn’t like changes much, rather she appreciates a routine, so getting the same condition every day. Find her once nice spot, and leave her there.

Worth mentioning is also the fact that she produces aerial roots once humidity is high enough (at least 80% of humidity). The process is really fast, so don’t be surprised as one day you notice tiny white roots emerging from branches or trunk. They rapidly reach moss or soil and start to dig even deeper. After some time they turn brown and start to resemble Angkor Wat trees with twists and tassels of roots.

Hand made in Berlin, inside of recycled eco-glass which has a slightly greenish tint and tiny air bubbles within its structure. The capsule is closed with a cork lid.

Each capsule has its own name (Janni in this case)



H: 30 cm , Diameter: 19 cm

Each capsule is unique and may differ from the photos shown.


Short care tips of terrarium/flaschengarten:

Water 1 to 2 times a year on average depending on the moisture level of the moss.

Prune once a year.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

To get more detailed instruction, check here (click!)




Additional information

Dimensions 19 × 19 × 41 cm

19 cm


30 cm

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