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Asparagus Kokedama Workshop


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Asparagus Kokedama Workshop

During the workshop you will get the chance to create two kokedamas – just in case the first one was not perfect. We will use Asparagus setaceus, known also as a lace fern. Despite its common name, the plant is not a true fern, but has leaves that resemble one. This plant love the humidity and need regular care – be aware of its need of regular watering. If it is not your thing, then please check our other workshop where we use a ever green succulent instead.

The workshop includes all the necessary materials and tools for two kokedamas, a demonstration of how to form and hang the moss ball and instructions for making your own kokedama and caring for it later. Join us and let us do some gardening together.

This workshop will be given in English.


The next date for the workshop is:


15th of September at 19:00-21:00 (Asparagus fern Kokedama Workshop)


Place: 20square7 (Kopernikusstraße 14, 10245 Berlin)


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