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Advanced Kokedama Orchid Workshop

Advanced Kokedama Workshop

Kokedama – “moss ball” – a traditional Japanese bonsai technique in which a plant is enclosed in moss instead of a vessel.

Orchid kokedama

This workshop is dedicated to the people who already have experience with basic Kokedamas know-how and they going well with Orchids as well.

Why those two prerequisites are needed? Normal kokedamas needs a bit of handy-skills, twinkling, knots-making and a lot of patience. Orchid kokedamas needs all of those and more – roots of orchids are delicate, easy to break so you need much more of a technic. The long stem of flowers doesn’t make it easier and nobody would like to break the flowers accidentally.

The beginner workshop doesn’t require any experience with plants, as we are working with more forgiving plants. Orchids are much more ‘royal’ flowers, a bit like spoiled princesses (or princes:). They like plenty of light and humid conditions. They need a good spot at their designed place. Last but not at least, with our workshop, we would like to provide an opportunity to create long-lasting string gardens that make you happy every day.

Orchid kokedamas string gardens, Berlin

During the workshop, you will get the chance to create only one kokedama, but you will get all the knowledge needed to make more of them at home. we will use 25cm Phalaenopsis in pink or white with two stems.

The workshop includes all the necessary materials and tools for kokedama, a demonstration of how to form and hang the moss ball and instructions for making your own kokedama and caring for it later. So join us and let us do some gardening together.

This workshop will be given in English.

Phalaenopsis  orchid kokedamas

Date: 5th of April 2019 at 12:00-14:00

Place: 20square7 (Kopernikusstraße 14, 10245 Berlin)

Price: 49e

Tickets are available at eventbrite and in our online shop.

The workshop would be part of the Spring Pop-up, organized by Us together with Dirty Roots Berlin.

From April 2nd to the 9th, we will green up the 20square7 gallery.

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