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Dear Plant People, due to recent Restriction Orders, we are now online more than before.

At the moment purchase capsules, kokedamas or vouchers only with a home delivery (mornig or evening one). As before, we have fix price for delivery in Berlin zone A (5e) and Zone B (10e). In case if you would like to get purchase to deliver to zone C – write to us.
Each delivery would be sanitised individually before we deliver to your doorstep.

The only one possibility to check, see and buy capsules is at the moment in Munich, in a Frohraum Showroom. In case if you would like to buy some capsule which is not available there but you see it in our online shop – write us, we can ship it together with the next delivery to Frohraum. The price of capsules at Munich are 25e higher to cover logistic and transport cost.

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